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SUNROLEDS is a LED manufacturer specializing in designing & Producing led strips & LED Lightings with the finest materials.

With a full supply chain & our wholly owned manufacturing facilities,we’re able to customize your led lightings down to the smallest detail.

Our accumulated experience of 11 years & expertise allow us to collaborate with you to elevate your brand through every step of our integrated process,from consultation to final delivery.


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our led products are available in all materials & design.

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Our products Meets Strict Quality Control

When LED Lightings meets strict quality control, the result is our products of consistent top quality.

At led lighting industry, our masterful led strips&modules at least 10 years of experience. Combining the traditional art of  advanced led technology, they create products in good quality.

In the quest for excellence, we apply strict quality control in our factory. Our in-process & final product inspections further ensure uniform colors, shapes, sizes & quality.

Full Service From Inquiry To After-sales

At SUNROLEDS, our collaboration goes beyond product design & manufacturing.

From before-sales guidance to after-sales support, we’ll walk you through the whole process of creating your custom makeup brush lines.

By working with us, you can:

  • Get uniquely tailored Strips for your local customers
  • Increase speed to market by counting on our rapid sampling & mass production capabilities
  • Enhance your brand value with our bespoke packaging solution

What others are saying about us?

100% satisfy! We have led strip on customer shop that has been switched for 3 years and LED’ s still as bright when first instanlled and have many customer who use led strip in shops for gerneral lighting and it run many hours each day with no problems.

Dave. C, UK

Good quality led and we are getting good feedback  from our customers

Mark, Ireland

This was the best RGB LED Strip we received so far, they are very brilliant !

T.V, The Netherlands

we always test your stip, they are still working fine so far

Deili, Filand