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1- Prompt Service

 Our commitment to total customer’s satisfaction is reflected in our work
1) Business hours: 8:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday;
2) All faxes and emails received before 5:30pm receive a same-day reply;
3) Our English-speaking staff is available until 6pm to serve customers in different time zones and handle urgent issues;
4) We confirm orders and shipment schedule to next working day;
5) Shipment advice is transmitted to you the day your order is shipped.

2-Technical Service

 We have professional engineer to offer you technology support and meanwhile we will provide the users the manual, system use guide and maintenance guide if you have any queries.

3-Communication Service

 We will provide customers our communication facility of phone, fax, and emails, SKYPE, MSN and Yahoo. All e-mails are delivered simultaneously to the correct addresses at their workstations..

4-After-sales Service

 Related to the failures, all led items quality failures, control system failure, the failure of accessories are provided by SUNROLED. The services under warranty are divided into the paid services and the free services. Please refer to the following table:
  Free Service under Warranty
 Paid Service under Warranty
 1. SUNROLEDs led items defective and quality problem;
 2. Failures of control software;
 3. Failures of installation technology
 1. Failure not caused by SUNROLEDs construction
( such as, decoration, structure. etc)
2. Failures caused by incorrect operation and human being destroy
3. Failures caused by nature disaster;

5- Warranty

SUNROLEDs Guarantee its products to the purchaser against manufacturer defects in material or workmanship for a period under the product warranty matrix. “Warranty Period” will begin at the date of original product purchasing. SUNROLEDs will repair or replace covered under the warranty.

SUNROLEDs Warranty will only be applied to SUNROLEDs Products that properly installed. This includes Wiring and connection to Proper approved components and working environment. The following conditions are not included into the warranty period. such as neglect, mistake, misuse, alternation, damage during transportation or improper installation and implemented under improper and none-approved operating environments such as temperature, humidity or voltage condition or improper installation using components that are not approved or  not SUNROLEDs Products.

6- Cancellation

Cancellation and returns could be subject to an 18% restocking fee, with surcharges for orders that didn’t pay a shipping fee. If there is a problem with the product, please email us or call for further directions.
Items must be returned in the original packaging during 72 hours after the receipt of goods.

Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

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