Project Description

12V RGB LED Neon light


The 12V RGB LED Neon Light powered by quality leds. it features high brightness, color consistency, UV-Resistance, stable quality, Pure silicone, friendly enviroment, waterproof IP67 rated. the led neon flex is more ideal for outdoor letters, bridgelux, building decoration projects

1. IP67 Neon flex, dot-free illumination, side-view version;
2. Silicone material; viewing angle:120°
3. Cuttable, available for single color white/blue/yellow/red/green/pink;
4. powered by Quality 5050 RGB LED
5. Packed 50m on the reel;  3 years warranty

Model Color Lumen
LED Type Wattage
Input voltage
IP Rated
SR-12V-NEON-RGB RGB 900-1000 60 5050 RGB 14.4 12V  Sideview eimitting : 10X23 / 12X23

backlight: 10x28mm