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Waterproof 2835 LED strip Lights

Waterproof LED Strip

waterproof 2835 LED strip lights features easy installation, high brightness, long life span, high stable, UV resistance, and Color Uniform. The Strong 3M adhesive tape at the strip backside is firmly for you to installation and fixed. 2835 LED strip is Ideal for Architectural decoration lighting, advertisement backlighting, channel letter lighting, Concealed lighting, Cove lighting, Furniture decoration lighting.

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1. Powered by high quality LM-80 Certified chip;
2. Double layer pure copper PCB;
3. 3M adhesive tape for easy installation;
4. High brightness, uniform color and low light decay;
5. 3 years quality guaranteed;
6. Standard 5M on reel;
7. working life > 50000 hours;

Available colors:

Model Color Lumen LED Qty (leds/m) LED Type Input voltage(V) width length (mm) Max Power (W/m) Beam Angle IP Rated
SR-WP-60W2835 white 1560 60 2835 DC12/24v 10x5000mm 14.4 120° IP65/IP67/IP68
SR-WP-60NW2835 Nature white 1440-1560 60 2835 DC12/24v 10x5000mm 14.4 120° IP65/IP67/IP68
SR-NP-60WW2835 warm white 1320-1440 60 2835 DC12/24v 10x5000mm 14.4 120° IP65/IP67/IP68

Waterproof Types:

Model IP Rated
SR-WP-60X2835-IP65 IP65 Silicone glue potted
SR-WP-60X2835-IP65 IP65 Silicone tube
SR-WP-60X2835-IP65 nano IP65 Nano Silicone Nano-waterproof
SR-WP-60X2835-IP67 IP67 Silicone sleeves and glue
SR-WP-60X2835-IP68 IP68 All-in-one Silicone extrusion