Project Description

single color LED Linear Light


The single color led linear light is using aluminum shell and optional lense.  it could be customized different length 30CM, 60CM, 90CM and 120CM. the pixel led linear light is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment places, building outline drawing and billboard making.

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  • With optical lens, the luminous points are bigger and softer, and the effect is more prominent at night.
  • Using full potting glue closed design, which ensures stable and reliable waterproof performance, and effectively guarantees the quality of products.
  • Products using positive line, can be seamless assembly, installation, forming a whole line lighting effect.
  • Using the aviation aluminum shell, the surface makes the iron gray oxidation treatment, the outward appearance is more novel;
  • Products using 24V low-voltage power supply, safer and more stable.
  • Using custom silicone glue, add heat powder, greatly reduce the heat loss and reduce the decay rate.
  • The male female head adopts the custom strengthening type pair joint, and the waterproof performance is better, and the electrical transmission is more stable.

PART NO: SR-LB3020- 12W
Power: 12 watt
LED Qty: 48pcs
LED Brand: Taiwan Epistar
Color: W/R/G/B/Y
viewing angle: 160º
Voltage: DC24V
Dimension: W30 x H20 x L1000mm
Materials: Aluminum Shell + Optical Lens
IP Rated IP67
Working temperature: -20°C- +55°C
Working life: 50000 hours
Applied outdoor
warranty: 3 years warranty