Project Description



RGBW LED strip light is fitted with a Pure White LED between each RGB chip.The bright white LED chip is a perfect match for the 2 million-plus colour combinations produced by the RGB LEDs.

This fabulous color changing flexible led light is ideal for adding mood and colour to areas in your home or business inside or out with the ultra-bright white complementing the warm glow of the three-colour combination LEDs.

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  1. RGB + White/Green/ Blue/Red/Yellow. Pastel color shades and real white possible
  2. High flexibility—adaptable to round shapes.
  3. Installation with 3M adhesive tape on the strip’s backside
  4. Dimmable
  5. Automatic color change, controllable RGBW Touching controller
  6. Non-waterproof and waterproof version available
  7.  5 meterss/ roll, working life is >50000 hours, 3 years warranty

Available colors:

Model LEDS/m Color watt (w/m) voltage (v/m) FPC Width IP Rated
SR-NP-72RGBW 72 (36 RGB+ 36 White) RGB+ W/NW/WW Max. 17.3w DC12V/24V 12mm IP20

Waterproof Types:

Model IP Rated
SR-WP-72RGB-IP65 IP65 Silicone glue potted
SR-WP-72RGB-IP65 IP65 Silicone tube
SR-WP-72RGB-IP65 nano IP65 Nano Silicone Nano-waterproof
SR-WP-72RGB-IP68 IP68 All-in-one Silicone extrusion