Project Description

PH10 Pixel Bitch outdoor LED display

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  • High quality LED chip and high anti-static electricity capacity.
  • Large viewing angle and smooth displaying provide excellent visual effect from every angle.
  • The integration of lamp and driving IC,together with with the multi-circuit structure,achievs evenly-distributed current,low power consumption and fast heat dissipation.
  • Ultra high brightness,low attenuation,high reliability and weather ability.
  • High contrast ratio.Adopting black lamps can improve the contrast ratio by 50%.
  • High refresh rate,high gray scale,ghost-canceling,low power consumption,low EMI,anti-creeping,multi-route redundancy backup-supporting,and dot-by-dot-calibration.
  • Widely applied to traffic information distribution of station,quay and qirport,conference,shoppingmall,brand presentantion,TVstation,stageshow,concert and so on.
Technical parameters Values
Pixel pitch 10MM
Panel size L320*H160*T17MM
Physical density 10000pcs/M2
Pixel configuration 1RGB
Driving method Constant current 1/4 scan
LED Module quantity / square 20pcs
LED Encapsulation SMD3535
Display resolution 32X16=512DOTS
Module weight 0.51KG
Module working voltage DC5v
LED Module Power 35watt
LED Module Port HUB-HD75
Viewing angle 120°
grey scale 65536
Option distance 1-30M
Driving device constant Current
Maximum power 800W/ M2
Equilibrium brightness ≥5000CD/ M2
Working environment temperature -10~60℃
Working environment humidity 10%~95%RH
Control system U Driver/ port / phone APP Controlling
Mean free error time >5000Hours
Application Outdoor
Life Span 100000 Hours