Project Description

P10 Single color LED Screen

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  • The box body adopts high temperature spraying technology, with good rustproof function;
  • The flatness of the mounting surface should be controlled at plus or minus 0.2mm, with good flatness
  • The circuit board of electronic screen adopts wave soldering technology, with green grid layer to prevent wet oxidation and improve service life;
  • The switch meanwell power supply has good quality and reduces the failure rate of power supply
  • Adopt new wiring way to reduce the problem of poor contact
  • Good waterproof performance, high quality glue module
  • Equipped with general control system, good flexibility
Technical parameters Values
Pixel pitch 10MM
Panel size L320*H160*T17MM
Physical density 10000pcs/M2
Pixel configuration 1R/ 1G / 1B / 1W /1Y
Driving method Constant current 1/4 scan
LED Encapsulation DIP546 led
Display resolution 32X16=512DOTS
Module weight 0.45KG
Module working voltage 5v
Viewing angle 120°
grey scale 256
Option distance 1-30M
Driving device constant voltage
Maximum power 350W/ M2
Equilibrium brightness ≥700CD/ M2
Working environment temperature -10~60℃
Working environment humidity 10%~95%RH
Control system U Driver/ port / phone APP Controlling
Mean free error time >5000Hours
Application Indoor
Life Span 100000 Hours