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Osram LED Flood Light


the led flood is powered by osram led, it features good quaity, high brightness, high light efficiency, waterproof, corrosion proof, safe perforamance dc24v,  good heat dissipaton system. 3 years warranty

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●High thermal conductivity aluminum as radiator body to increase the lifespan of the lamps.
●With Toughed glass as the cover,anti-high-temperature,le,anti-impact,lights beam evenly.
●Light weight,slim design,reduce the shipping cost and total cost of the products.
●Cross-ventilation design,keeped the heat dissipation effects.
●With high-precision mould to make the housing,be able to prevent the dust invade effictively.
●Take use of high light efficiency OSRAM SMD3030 to keep high lumen and longer lifespan.
● Work as DC24V , Safe and reliable;
●EMT tested,protection rate:IP65
●Warranty:3 YEARS
●Application:Tunnel,Factory,Square,shopping mall,exhibition,parking lot,sports stadium,billboard,park,road,stairs etc outdoor commercial lighting.

Model LED Brand Power Voltage Color Dimension
SR-FLW-6W Osram / Cree / Epistar 6watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ95*H210mm
SR-FLW-10W Osram / Cree / Epistar 10watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ150*H160mm
SR-FLW-12W Osram / Cree / Epistar 12watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ150*H160mm
SR-FLW-18W Osram / Cree / Epistar 18watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ180*H210mm
SR-FLW-24W Osram / Cree / Epistar 24watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ180*H210mm
SR-FLW-36W Osram / Cree / Epistar 36watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ230*H260mm
SR-FLW-48W Osram / Cree / Epistar 48watt AC220V/DC24V WW/NW/B/Y Φ290*H260mm
Item:  Wheel-like led flood light
Power avaialble: 6-48watt
Color: Warm white / Nature white  / Blue /Yellow
light efficiency: 110-120lm/w
Voltage: DC24V / AC220V
Viewang angle (optional) 15°,25°,30°,45°,60°
Materials: Aluminum + toughene glass
IP Rated IP65
Working temperature: -40°C- +55°C
Working life: 50000 hours
Applied outdoor
warranty: 3 years warranty