Project Description

2216 Led Strip Light 120leds/M

2216 LED Tape

The 2216 led strip light is a new type of led strips. it is powered by 120pcs refond 2216 led. it features high densitity,more color uniform, wide angle, high CRI, high light efficiency. the 2216 led strip is more ideal for aluminum profile


1. 2216 Assembled LEDs

2. CRI> 90 / CRI>95

3. Cuttable

4. One bin for production; uniform light

5. High brightness and High Density

6. Unqiue and strong PCB design

7.  3 years warranty

Available colors:



Model Color Lumen LED Qty (leds/m) LED Type Wattage(W/m) Input voltage(V) Beam Angle CRI IP Rated
SR-NP-120W2216 white 840-1080lm  120pcs 2216 14.4w DC12/24v 120° 90/95 IP20
SR-NP-120NW2216 Nature white 840-900lm 120pcs 2216 14.4w DC12/24v 120° 90/95 IP20
SR-NP-120WW2216 warm white 750-840Lm 120pcs 2216 14.4w DC12/24v 120° 90/95 IP20

Waterproof Types:

 Model  IP Rated
SR-WP-120W2216-IP65 IP65 Silicone glue potted
SR-WP-120W2216-IP65 IP65 Silicone tube  
SR-WP-120W2216-IP65 nano IP65 Nano Silicone Nano-waterproof  
SR-WP-120W2216-IP68 IP68 All-in-one Silicone extrusion