Project Description

18W Osram LED Wall Washer

led wall washer

18w osram led wall washer is using the optical lens, the rectangle spot is more uniform, so the wall washing effect is more outstanding and the waterproof performance is stable and reliable; keep the outlet, effectively prevent water within the section, effectively guarantee the product quality. 3 years warranty.

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  • High-quality aluminium profiles with special oxidation treatment on the surface,high structural strength and good heat dissipation effect;
  • Powered by Imported high-brightness Osram LED, with guaranteed quality, high brightness, long life and low light decay;
  • Use toughened glass, reliable waterproof, dustproof structure design;
  • The waterproof male and female plug is used at both ends of the lamp. It has excellent waterproof performance and is easy to use and install. It can be put out according to customer’s requirements;
  • The conventional length is 1000mm, which can be customized according to customers’requirements;
  • It has a variety of lighting effects, such as color gradient, 256 gray level, full-color RGB, single color and so on; and standard DMX512 communication protocol.
  • using 24V low-voltage power supply, safer and more stable;

Application: led wall washer is mainly applied in bridge, building, park, sclupture, hotel, TV Decorative project

Power: 18watt
LED Qty: 18pcs
LED Brand: Osram 3030 LED 1W
optional Viewing angle: 30°,45° ,60°
Color: Red / Green / Blue / White / RGB
Controlling way: Single color / inner controlling / DMX512
Voltage: AC220V/DC24V
Dimension: W50XH40XL1000mm
Materials: Aluminum + toughed glass
IP Rated IP66
Working temperature: -40°C- +55°C
Driver brand: Meanwell  Driver
Working life: 50000 hours
Applied outdoor
warranty: 3 years warranty