2216 LED Strip is new led strip innovation . Now we share our knowledge with you and tell us why you should use 2216 strip for your project more.

1. 2216 LED Small Size and lower cost;
A. Small size and thiner; wide viewing angle,
B. The light efficiency is similar as 2835;
C. production efficiency is higher than big size, it save big low cost. moreover.
D. 2216 LED CRI>90

2. Flexible design
A. The 2216 size is smaller than 2835, so the design is more flexible.
B. it is more suitalble for iregular installation;
C. it can has 60leds,120leds,240leds,300leds

3. Good color consistency

4.  Light is more even. more fit for Aluminum led profile


5.  Waterproof techinies are more simple than 2835 strip’s, Good for project