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 Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

                               For more Questions, please send emails to sales@sunroleds.com


How do I work with you?

1.you an Inquiry by emails/forms

2. We communicate with you on your requirements

3. Sending you an solution with our Quotation

4. You confirm all

5. Order confirmation

6. Payment arrangement

7. Production

8. Shipment

What guarantee do I have that assure me I will get my order from you since I have to pay in advance? What happen if the products you shipped are wrong or poorly made?           

SUNROLEDs has been in business since 2008. We built SUNROLEDs brand as trust and our promise  to our customers. We do not only believe that our job consists in making good products but also building strong and long-term relationship with our customers. Our reputation among customers and their satisfaction are the main reasons for our success.

Furthermore, whenever a customer makes an order, we can provide samples on request. It is also in our own interest to get approval from the customer first before starting production. This is how we can afford a “Full After-Sales Service”. If the product does not meet your strict requirements, we can provide either immediate refund or immediate remakes at no extra cost to you.

We have set up this model in order to set customers in a position of confidence and reliability.

Can I get sample to test?

Sure. To obtain  samples, Please contact us at following email address: sales@sunroleds.com

What is your strength?

  • Designing, producing and shipping led modules and strips, one-stop service!
  • Providing you  Customized service for your package, logo, design
  • Providing you Free sourcing service with direct factory price, No kickback, only charge service fee;
  • Providing you technical support for your projects;

What is your minimum order quantity?

LED Modules MOQ: 3000-5000pcs

LED Strips MOQ: 500meters

What are the different ways methods?

The different payment methods are the following:

  1. Telex Transfer (T/T): above 1500usd
  2. Weston Union: below 1000usd
  3. Paypal: below 500USD

Are you sure that your price is lower than Alibaba / Aliexpress?

It depends on your quality and other requirements.

Alibaba / Aliexpress are full of factories, trading company and 3nd middle man. and different requirements has different quality and price.

We will provide you different Solution for your option