Project Description

Smart RGB LED Strip


Smart RGB LED Strip light adopts 30pcs of SMD5050 RGB LED as its light source. The 10 pixel RGB LED strips are different from another kind of Pixel LED strip SR-NP-60RGBD. It has only 10pcs IC driver, so it could create more clear motion and display. If you would like to need more pixel and price is cheaper than SR-NP-60RGBD, then you could consider our another smart rgb led strip SR-WP-48RGBD, this magic color rgb led strip has 16 pixels.

LED Qty of meter: 30leds/meter
Length of reel: 5m
Operating Temperature: -20~+60 degree Celsius
Store Temperature: -20℃ —— +80℃
Working life: >30,000 Hours
Dimension: L5000xW12XH3mm
Warranty: 2 years
Input voltage: DC12V
Power: MAX 7.2watt/m
Color: Full color
IC Type: IC1101 / 1903/ 2811, 16pcs IC /meter
Pixel segment: 10 segments
Lumen / RGB LED: >4000MCD
LED Type: 5050 RGB LED
LED Brand: san’an chip