10 reasons why you chooose Nanometer waterproof led strip

Charaters Nanometer waterproof led strip Traditional Silicone glue waterproof
Brightness  Decreasing 2%-5% after waterproof Decreasing 15% after waterproof
Color Consistency Uniform thickness, ensuring uniform color temperature. Increasing wide range, uncontrollable
Ductile strength increased bending strength,and it withstand a certain degree of friction, twist and bent There is a low tenacity to cause the risk of vulnerability.
Bonding force the lamp and the substrate bonding force is good and will not fall off. The bending are risky, especially lamp parts
IP Rated IP65 IP65
Effects UV resistance, salt spray resistance, cold and heat shock resistance, high temperature resistance and other aging test results OK. The conventional protection is excellent. The cold and heat shock and high temperature resistance have the hidden danger of heat insulation.
Production efficiency 20 thousand – 45 million meters/ day 10 thousand meters/ day
Cost The silicone glue consumption is 4g-10g/ meter, the automatic production line is low in manpower and site, and the production cycle is short. The use of adhesive layer is about 25g/ meters, and the cost is high, and the limited space can be saved.
Appearence light weight to save shipping cost thick and heavy
Process controllable . Fit for any shape led strip uncontrollable, if The FPC board is too wide and too narrow, the side lamp and other special-shaped patch lamps are not suitable for glue.