Do you always have no idea to choose led products for your lighting box?
Are you still looking for right products for your sign projects?

Now let us summarize and different products for led lighting box. Hope it will be helpful for you.

LED Modules : Viewing angle 15×45 degree;suitable for double sided LED Lighting Box

3535 injection led module

Power Optional: 1.5watt/ 2 watt/ 3 watt; LM-80 Certified Chip, 5 years warranty

LED Modules :  Viewing angle 160 degree; suitable for single sided LED Lighting Box

lighting box led module

Power: 1.5watt / 2 watt / 3 watt;  160 degree viewing angle,High quality with 5 years warranty

LED Strips : Viewing angle 170 degree;suitable for single sided LED Lighting Box

led strip for lighting box