Many customers once told us that chinese led modules look same. from Appearence, they are totally right. Just like the T-shirt, they look same everywhere, but some of them are sold at cheaper price, some of them are sold at hundreds of money. why? the ponit is raw material,labor cost, technology cost difference. In a word, it is quality!

Now Let us explain and help all of you to judge how to get a high quality China LED Modules as followings.

 1. LED Chip Size and its encapsulation manufacturer.

 Most of China LED Modules use Taiwan Epistar LED Chip and other led chips. However, using Epistar led chip doesn’t mean that the led is good. In order to reduce the cost and quality, many facotries use low quality Epistar chip. Moreover ,some of them also will encapsulate the led chip by theirselves to get lower cost and meet customer’s target.

 Frankly speaking, A good led doesn’t only use a good quality led  chip, but it is encapsulatin by a strong and technology LED Company.  every facotry could use a big chip to make the led brighter, but if the led is not encapsulation enough well, the led lifespan is also short.

 Good Quality is always important to you and us, saving more future trouble, time and money!

 2.  Light-Efficiency.

 Light Efficency is the lumens per watt. It is the standard to judge if the led are energy-saving or not. Just take a example for 4 leds 5050SMD, supposed the module is 72lm, the watt is 1.44W, the light effiency is 50Lm/W; But if the module is designed at 0.96W, the light effiency is 75Lm/W, Apperantly, 0.96W module save more energy and cost.

 Considering this situation for customers, all of our led moduels are especially designed at higher brightness and lower power to save more engery for customers.

 3. The Span of Life

 Currently, As the scientis estimated, the spanlife of A good quality LED could be up to 50,000 hours. Many people thought that the led will not bright after lifespan. It is not truth. the Lifespan is that the led still have 70% of original lumen after 50,000 hours.

 There are other facotrs to incfluence the span of life. such as , quality of PCB, heat of dissipation problem, resistor and wires.

 1) Quality of PCB.

 the quality of PCB have a large impact on the spanlife. PCB (cirucit of board) have four kinds of PCB: Double-sided FR4 PCB, RF4 PCB and card PCB. Double-side FR4 PCB is best, it will make the led dissipate heat better. but accordingly the price is higher. For SUNROLEDs developed new injection led module, they use Double-side FR4 PCB to get a best heat dissipation. for SMD led module, RF4 PCB is only used. some of facotries use poor quality PCB to reduce the cost and quality to win orders. the price indeed is reduced, but it severly influence the life of span.  It is only short-term profit and business.

 Only long-term business realtionship could go further and stand in the led industry.

 2) quality Resistor

It is the another facotry for spanlife of LED

 3) Wires

Full copper wires could bear more currents, which will not desotry the led.

 you could get our quality LED Modules with full copper wires. when you get the goods, the touch feeling is different from normal.

 4. 3M Tape.

 In China, Some of customers, particularly the ones who focus on the projects, compaint that the white 3M tape is not strong enough, it is easy to fall off.

 5. Epoxy Resin

For waterproof LED Modules, after 3 months, the epoxy resin will  turn yellow. by this tip, we could judge if the led modules are on stock or not.