While you are being in LED Advertising Field, you must think, there are many LED module factories and they look same. Right?

However, It is not simple thing to make a simple thing to be professional thing.

Now we would like to share you our experience and professional knowledge with you, and spare you from common mistakes

1. LED Quality 

LED quality is the cord of quality

2. PCB Quality

Good quality PCB make its working life longer

3. Light Efficiency

High light effieicny can save more energy, Stable and reliable, Friendly enviroment. Longer working life.

In the market, some economy led modules has very low light efficiency to get cheap price.  it is designed on basic of price , not energy saving, and stable quality.

4.  Same Bin, color consistency

Color consistency is very important to signage.   different same bin in one color will make your signage get different colors. Awful!

5.  Waterproof and Fireproof Rated

Right product are used in right place.

Good quality Housing material will save you some trouble in installation and maintenance.

Choosing SUNROLEDS, We could solve all of your problems!